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 We have considerable expertise in the design of RF microwave hardware and Machine Learning AI. We are also active in a number of innovative collaborative research projects.

 The business targets the commercialization of technologies based on high-power microwaves in different industries such as: mining, composites and forestry. These industries consume a lot of energy for the manufacturing processes. With the help of our technology, they can drastically reduce their energy consumption, which reduces both their costs and a major environmental improvement, since in many cases the energy consumption consists of fossil energy sources such as oil and coal. Only the mining industry accounts for over 3% of the world’s energy use for crushing stones!

The motivation for users of our technology is not only that companies reduce their energy costs, but also that they can speed up their manufacturing processes and get a higher quality of the end result of their products towards another important emerging aspect in industry: the goal of zero defect manufacturing (ZDM) – based on our continuous monitoring.
Our solutions are based on optimisation technologies relying on machine learning AI and using solid-state power amplifiers for microwave processes. The benefits of using microwaves for heating purposes are a drastic reduction of the processing time and the reduction of the overall energy used for processing. Our solutions can change the market for these industries and contribute to a better society, a better climate and environment allowing the decarbonisation of the economy by reducing carbon emission and improving the overall energy consumption efficiency.

The uniqueness of our solutions allows the homogenisation of microwave heating even
of large surfaces and volumes where we solve the problem of the presence of hot spots and cold spots. Our solutions allow scaling up microwaves processes to industrial throughputs.



Multipel signal generator


Solid-states power amplifiers

Microwave power applicators