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Percy Roc’s microwave curing system passes the test

Percy Roc’s curing process is monitored using infrared technology, which means that the heating is regulated in real time so that the entire surface can be heated homogeneously. Percy Roc (Uppsala, Sweden) recently visited Marstrom Composite (Västervik, Sweden) to...

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Percy Roc @ AMPERE 2021

Percy Roc participated in the 18th International Conference on Microwave and High-Frequency Applications: AMPERE 2021, on September 13-16 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The AMPERE conference focuses on the multidisciplinary fields of microwave and radiofrequency applications,...

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UIE 2021

“The results showed that by using our microwave curing process with unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced polymers it is possible to reduce the curing time (excluding cooling time) by up to 89% and the energy consumption by up to 90% compared to traditional oven...

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Investeringar i Uppsalaföretag fortsätter trots pandemin

Fyra Uppsalaföretag som har antagits till affärsutvecklingsprogrammet UIC Business Accelerator har fått investering från Linnéa Capital. Batteriföretaget Altris, life science-bolaget Oncodia, ICT-företaget Stardots och teknikföretaget Percyroc är de som hittills har...

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Attractive Innovation Project Awards 2019

15 projects run by, or in collaboration with, Uppsala University researchers and students have been acknowledged with the 2019 "Attractive Innovation Project" award. Common to all projects is support från Uppsala University Innovation and success in securing external...

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